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38 weeks and 5 days pregnant and... [Wednesday
Jul 10th, 13 at 3:30pm]
POP! Out comes this little one.


Excuse me on this photo. I had gas & air and then went up for some pethidine which makes you rather sleepy.

24th June 2013 weighing 6lbs 4oz (1lb lighter than Alex who was 6 days overdue) and yesterday we registered the birth of Cassandra Violet Mary Holloway.

I was in hospital on 21st June which severe back pains and her heart rate was high. Sunday I was 2cm dilated and Monday I was still 2cm so they said maybe I should go home. I asked if I could be examined again after lunch which they agreed to. Lunch came and... my water's broke! Glad I stayed as I was GBS Positive and needed antibiotic drip put into me the moment I went into labour. 3 hours after getting the drip she was born. Normally they want the labour to be at least 4 hours long to be sure the baby gets the antibiotics so due to this I was kept overnight for a bit longer than usual just to observe her.

All has been fine although suffering oral thrush which has made feeding hard on both of us. But saw GP today and she's got medicine for it now. Phew!

That's everything really. Thought I'd update here with my usual "oh yeah this has happened PS I'm still alive" type post.
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Achievement Unlocked... [Monday
Mar 25th, 13 at 2:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]


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Friends Only! [Monday
Mar 5th, 12 at 10:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

All my Sale Entries are Public but my personal entries are Friends Only!
Please comment here stating who you are and how you know me or where you found me.
Warning: My personal entries do include rants. If you are offended by any of it remove me from your F-List.

Thanks for reading :)
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Update! D: [Monday
Feb 20th, 12 at 11:41pm]
[ mood | content ]

Update time for you people who are still using Livejournal. Firstly here's a photograph!

This is Alex who is now 22 months old and in a few days time will have a pair of glasses. As you can see his left eye isn't the same as his right one, it's his lazy eye and needs fixing using glasses.

Anyway on with the uber simple and fast update!

- I am a proud owner of a Canon 1100D DSLR camera! Squee~
- I opened my own online shop and less than a week old already made my first sale! :D
- Blog is doing well and making a fair bit of money writing for companies. Last week I made £130, woo!
- Off to London again, another paid business trip to go to ExCeL for The Baby Show. I'm there this Saturday if anyone cares.
- I'll be 26 years old soon... jesus...
- Alex will be 2 years old not long after I turn 26, eepers!
- Bought myself an Oyster card. I've already been to London once this year and again this weekend, I expect many more London trips so seemed like a good idea!
- I'm an Xbox Ambassador! :3
- Been playing lots of games lately including Civilization V and Star Wars: The Old Republic.
- Haven't had the urge to get on WoW in ages as I want to raid but can't as guild times just don't suit us, so game has lost out to SWTOR and Xbox.
- Alex can say some words! :D
- He can also colour/draw and has mastered circles and lately been trying to draw faces... usually faces with 1 eye.
- My TV is 90% of the time on Cbeebies now. Mr Bloom is friggin HAWT! Shame he's not really Northern.

Okay think that's basically it. I'd post a photo of myself if I had one but even if I did would be outdated soon. I always change my hair colour every month or so. I'm currently but need to re-dye before going to London.

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I'm alive! [Saturday
Nov 5th, 11 at 9:35pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I know it's been a long time since I wrote on this blog so here's a short version of what's been happening in my life.

- Alex is now 18 months old and will be celebrating his 2nd birthday in April next year.
- He's already hit the terrible two's it seems and if he doesn't get what he wants right this very second he has a massive tantrum.
- Dyed my hair a crazy colour. Currently bright red but hoping to go purple or maybe a shade of blue... not sure yet.
- My Parenting Blog has become a huge hit. I'm also writing for The Baby Show's blog too. Woohoo!
- Post-Natal Depression sucks, back on anti-depressants but these ones actually work, thank god.
- Suffered with nasty back pain for over 2 weeks now. Doc given me insanely strong pain killers that makes me feel sea sick. But they work!
- My mental health is doing excellent. By that I mean I'm doing well. Woot! :D
- Job hunting which sucks ass at the moment.
- Trying to do work as a blog designer, Social Media Manager and possibly do some PR in the future, if things go well.
- Back on WoW after playing Aion for a few months. Can't afford both, sadly.
- Alex can say "tah" (meaning 'here you go' and 'thank you') and "baff" (meaning 'bath'). Think he can say "four" but not sure yet.
- He'd become a binkie/dummie/soother/pacifer addict... UGH! :(

Okay that's pretty much everything that I can think of. Laters, y'all!

And yes you will notice this update is public. Hopefully all those who stalked me for the dramaz have pissed off now.

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Mash Game: Predict Your Future at eSPIN.com [Tuesday
Apr 6th, 10 at 1:03pm]
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Anthony Holloway.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Wolverhampton in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 3 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Pink Smart Car.
  I will spend my days as a Beauty Therapist, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future
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Pink Weasel Sales!!! [Friday
Jul 10th, 09 at 2:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


Icecream Earrings - £1.50

More cute items behind the cut!Collapse )
Payments are prefered via Paypal (emily@pink-weasel.com)
Cheques accepted from UK ONLY buyers (made payable to "Pink Weasel Designs")

Shipping Costs:
UK: £2.00
Europe: £3.00
Overseas: £4.00

Please contact us if you would like the item insured or tracked. We will give you the cost of this and the details for you to track your item online.


Please comment if you are interested in an item and what country you live in. Thank you~ <3
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UGH [Tuesday
May 19th, 09 at 12:46pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Shut up, ok? Just shut up.

I've been going on with my life happily for a good long while now and suddenly people pull shit out. And you know what pisses me off? The fact that it's all childish flame wars.

Get a fucking life.

And no this is not an attack on any number of you nor my friends nor any companies. This is just me saying everything has been blown way out of proportion.

My god are you all a bunch of teenagers with nothing better to do?

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WAHA?! [Friday
Mar 20th, 09 at 9:40am]
[ mood | confused ]

See this icon? Not mine.

Apparently LJ has a bug. Seems it uploads peoples icons to the wrong account. Wtf?

Reported it <_<

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Today Hates Me [Tuesday
Oct 14th, 08 at 12:15pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

So my 2 jobs of the day:
1. Hand in Perscription
2. Buy a box for the Xbox 360 from Post Office

I was able to complete 1 but the police were out and stopping me from going to the post office. I kid you not. A lorry lost it's load just outside the post office meaning the police had to stop people going up that road and also stop people go up the pathways too. They stopped just by the post office. I could touch the post box but couldn't go inside the damn shop.

I'll try again later but it seemed they were busy staring at people as we all stared back. Fun.

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Pink Weasel Sale! [Thursday
Sep 4th, 08 at 5:47pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone! I'm gonna be selling a few Pink Weasel items here on my journal! ^_^

Kitty & Ribbon Charm - £2.50 each

More Cute Items Behind Here!Collapse )

Shipping Info
Costs below are for postage and packaging. Buy in bulk and save!
United Kingdom & Europe: £2
Worldwide: £3

UK Payments we accept Cheque made payable to "Pink Weasel Design".
We accept Paypal payment from all countries at sales@pinkweaselshop.com.

Any questions please ask! We have an etsy site at pinkweaseldesigns.etsy.com and we also are taking custom orders too! ^_^

Thanks <3

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Euphoria AMV [Thursday
Aug 28th, 08 at 12:53pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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Pink Weasel Opens! [Tuesday
Aug 5th, 08 at 7:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


Although we still sell via Etsy our site is open. Over time it may change but right now I'm proud of violetomega's work. She did this all in less than a day ^_^ She rules!

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Where will it go? [Tuesday
Jul 29th, 08 at 11:20am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

So yesterday Ant drove Emily back home, but before going to her house we stopped at Mc Donalds for food where it suddenly poured down as soon as we sat down to eat. It didn't stop until we got everything into the house and started going back home. The start of the road where Em's house is had flooded over completely, as did many other roads as water had no where to go. On our way back we saw a fire engine with lights on heading over that way, probably to sort out a flood problem. Sure was insane o_o; Can't say I've seen anything this bad here in the UK, least not up close and personal.

So yeah yesterday we had a huge storm, thunder and lightning and a hugeass amount of rain too. It was amazing but because it was so hot all day I had my WHITE shorts on and my WHITE t-shirt on. Oh what bloody fun that was -_-;

Drawing some pictures for Amecon at the moment. Em's helping by doing the CGing as I suck and her CGing is made of win :3

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Banner for Pink Weasel Advertising! [Tuesday
Jul 8th, 08 at 11:54am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hi everyone! I'd like to ask you all a little favour.
Some of you remember my jewellery as Mew Mew Delights. Well now I'm working with my friend Emily as Pink Weasel Designs. So if you liked my original jewellery and want to keep buying or just look at what cool stuff we make then please post this banner whereever, heck even on your userinfo page on LJ would be great!

Please link it to: http://pinkweaseldesigns.etsy.com

You may wish to save the above image as it's only on my photobucket account.

Many thanks ^_^

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Jun 20th, 08 at 4:50pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


3 of our cute handmade items are up for sale!

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Pink Weasel - Coming Soon! [Sunday
May 4th, 08 at 10:58am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Pink Weasel
violetomega is made of win :D

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Custom Made Pencil Holder [Thursday
Apr 3rd, 08 at 4:54pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

This one is mine ^_^

If you'd like your very own pencil holder made please fill in the details below and I'll get to work on it ASAP :D Each one is only £5 and you can put all your cutesy pencils and pens inside.

Name: username or real name
Favourite kawaii company: Sanrio, San-X, etc or maybe you love them all!
Dislike: if there's a certain character from Sanrio or other company you don't like please say!
Country: I ship everywhere! Just need to knwo for shipping costs.
Paypal: Will send a reciept to your paypal.

Most will be normal size but if you'd like a larger one you can request so, although may take a bit more time to do.

Just so everyone knows I am currently working on my jewellery again so watch out for it!

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MANGA SALE!!!! [Wednesday
Mar 26th, 08 at 10:06am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I need to sell some of my managa as I have moved in with my boyfriend and we own some of the same stuff. I'll ship anywhere in the world.

Naruto 1-11: £2 each OR all for £18
Black Cat 1-2: £3 each OR both for £5
Bleach 1-4: £3 each OR all for £10
Battle Vixens 1-10: £3 each OR £27
Excel Saga 1: £3
Dragonball Z 1: £2

P&P prices depend on how many manga you buy from me due to the weight.

My email is mewski@gmail.com or comment here if interested.

UK payment: accept cheque or paypal (preferred).
Other countries: Paypal only.

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Mar 21st, 08 at 9:18pm]
[ mood | amused ]


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